The E-Scooter world is currently undergoing some changes as the National Motorcycle Dealers Association and the Department of Transport are discussing how they are used. The result seems to be a reclassification from Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (somewhat weird as they don't have pedals) to 'Powered Transporters' which seems to be a much better description overall.

The original classification came about because they were scooters – ie the push along the ground with your foot type, not the Lambretta type – and as such came in under 'power propulsion through human action'. In reality however this is not really a thing. People with scooters don't tend to scoot them with their feet, they just buzz along using the motor.

E-Scooters are currently being trialled by the government and only rental ones are actually legal for use at the moment. You would be forgiven for not being aware of this fact.

The reclassification seems to have happened because the NMDA wrote to MP Rachel Maclean about E-Scooters, which opened the debate and led to a conference in mid September.

Head of the NMDA Paddy O'Connell stated:
Following a recent letter to Rachel Maclean MP, it was encouraging to meet with the Minister and Government officials to discuss the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) members’ position regarding e-scooter trials and their future regulation.
By properly regulating, training and registering e-scooters, there is a natural route to market through established dealer networks that already offer rider training, safety equipment and have the facilities to register new vehicles.

Potential Legislation
These are the things which are being looked at with a view to making them compulsory when owning a scooter:
  • Compulsory accredited road awareness training for those without full licenses (to last 24 months)
  • Wearing of safety equipment
  • Minimum rider age of 14
  • Unique identifiers on all E-Scooters
  • Registration of E-Scooters through RaV portal
  • Mandatory liability insurance

Everyone you speak to has an opinion about E-Scooters; some love em, some hate 'em but whatever you think they are here to stay, at least until the next big thing is invented. With this in mind, it is perhaps a good thing that they are getting some attention and their use and classification is being examined in order to legislate properly to help the people riding them, pedestrians and other road users to feel safe.

Is this something you have an opinion about one way or another or do you own and use an E-Scooter? Will you be trading in your motorcycle for one anytime soon? Let us know at or drop us a message on Facebook.

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 01 October 2021 in General News



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